O Thus She Stood depicts five figures rising from face down crouch to stand up tall. The multiple figures are actually a single figure in the stages of being knocked to the ground and gathering herself to stand back up.

Physical, internal, eternal, and or societal peace is never static. O Thus She Stood depicts the constant movement toward the resurrection of peace. It demonstrates the rise and fall of peace, tranquility and non-violence through the movement of a singular female figure pushing herself up from the ground, rising to her feet, obtaining her balance, standing in grace and lifting herself as if she herself experiences resurrection.

The masking of the figure(s) allows anonymity and universality by detaching the viewer from real physical representation or recognition of the individual. The background is comprised of many planes divided. Chilled abstracted geometric shapes and shading demonstrate the energy, emotion, and intangibles of the peace making. A flat shadow grounds the progressive figures providing a realm of reality.

The composition of the life size figures and electric bursts of shading are such that the viewers’ eyes are drawn up from the bottom of the canvas to the top and down again further expressing the continuum of the peace process.